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Our Commitment

SINGER Jamaica Ltd is committed to providing employment to Jamaicans across the island and to ensuring that Jamaicans can live comfortably with items bought on Singer’s Flexible Credit Plans. Our dedicated personnel in our stores share our commitment to providing exceptional customer service and work tirelessly to ensure that now, more than ever, our customers will “Love to Shop at Singer.”

Historical Overview

SINGER Jamaica Limited has had a presence in the world for 160 years and in Jamaica for over 100 years. The company began its operations in Jamaica by selling sewing machines. Salesmen travelled out in the field with pictures of sewing products to potential customers. When the sale was made the item was delivered to the customer using a handcart. The first retail store was opened on Harbour Street with four members of staff selling only one sewing machine each day. The company has experienced significant growth since and today sells a wide range of electronics, appliances, furniture and bedding in addition to its sewing machine line. Singer has 19 branches island-wide and employs over two hundred Jamaicans directly.

We Taught Jamaicans to Sew

SINGER Jamaica, recognizing the importance of personal development and especially the independence of women has been teaching sewing from our retail outlets since 1940. At our Sewing Academy we have taught over 7,000 Jamaicans to sew. Through our sewing programmes many persons have been able to start their own dressmaking business thus providing an income for their families. Singer Jamaica has assisted many Secondary Schools and Skills Development Centres island-wide by donating sewing machines to assist in their sewing programmes and has even provided specialized training in areas such as Garment construction, Machine Embroidery and Drapery Making to teenage children in Kingston and in rural Jamaica.

Supporting Local Manufacturers

SINGER is committed to fostering the growth of Jamaican small manufacturers as is seen in our reliance on local furniture suppliers. Presently, 70% of our furniture is bought locally from over 30 suppliers who employ jointly approximately 400 Jamaicans. Our furniture manufacturers are encouraged to create new and appealing designs and work closely with our purchasing team and quality assurance personnel to constantly refine their product quality. Singer throughout the years has become known for its exceptional product offering in local furniture product and our products can be seen in the homes of Jamaicans across the island

Assistance to Schools / Homes

SINGER has assisted many schools through the provision of sewing machines and has taught children to sew through joint programs with children’s homes and government institutions. We have for many years donated furniture and appliances to homes that care for children and the aged and continue to focus on these two sectors of our citizenry by way of donations.


SINGER is an official sponsor of the Jamaican Olympic Team to London 2012, continuing our support for the Jamaica Olympic Association which began in 2000, when we assisted in sponsoring the Jamaican contingent to the Olympics in Sydney, Australia. We were also sponsors for the team to Beijing 2008. We are proud of the achievements of our athletes and happy to do our part to assist in Jamaica's athletic success on the world stage.

At SINGER we have been actively involved in assisting in the growth and development of sports in Jamaica. SINGER has fostered the development of sports through our donations to various High Schools for their sports programmes. Schools such as St. Jago High, Ardenne High School & Wolmers High, Campion College have benefited from our contribution. We have donated footballs to schools and community centres across Jamaica. In 2007 we also sponsored the Digicel Junior Under 17 Caribbean Cup.

SINGER has sponsored athletes to participate in swim meets, badminton and track and field events overseas including Penn relays in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2010. Several of our sponsored students obtained a track scholarship and we are proud of their achievements. SINGER locally has sponsored races in all major track and field events such as Grace Kennedy Boys & Girls Champs, Gibson Relays, Douglas Forrest Invitational, Grace Jackson Invitational Track Meet etc. We have assisted in the development of volleyball in Jamaica through sponsorship of various volleyball championships over the years.

In 2010 and 2011 SINGER were sponsors of the Social Development Commission (SDC) National Twenty/Twenty Community Cricket Competition which was successful in bringing communities from across the island together in friendly rivalry.

We at SINGER, recognise the important role that sports plays in the development of discipline, passion fostering positive personal goal seeking and the building of team spirit in the youth and pledge to continue to do our part in contributing to the development of our your through sport.


SINGER has conducted joint programs with institutions such as the Diabetics Association of Jamaica to assist hundreds of Jamaicans in accessing medical care that they would otherwise be unable to afford by doing Health screening at our stores island-wide.

Our Promise

SINGER has operated in Jamaica for over 100 years. We have provided Jamaicans with exceptional quality products since 1895 and are committed to offering the world’s best brands at the lowest prices on the most affordable credit terms for the future. We are committed to Jamaica.

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